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Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Visits

Following Oklahoma City’s “Shelter in Place” order, Bajaj Plastic Surgery is offering virtual visits to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff. We’re answering our most commonly asked questions about telemedicine to help you schedule and prepare for your virtual appointment. 

Does Size Matter?

There are many numbers we use to measure our bodies. For instance, we are constantly checking numbers on the scale, our Body Mass Index, and finally our jeans and bra size. Dr. Bajaj is going to walk us through how she answers questions related to size and the procedures she offers. As a plastic surgeon, …Read More

Tips for Staying Healthy While Social Distancing

We appreciate everyone who is doing their part and practicing safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we understand that isolating yourself for an extended period of time can be difficult. The isolation and change in routine can play havoc with our psyches. Here are a few tips for staying healthy while social distancing.

A Letter From Dr. Bajaj About COVID-19 and Office Visits

To all my current and future patients, Like many of you, I’m anxious and confused with the rapidly changing landscape today. I wanted to assure you that we are taking steps to keep our office as safe as possible for everyone. As a small office, we are committed to ensuring a clean and safe environment …Read More

Recovery Time vs. Healing Time

When considering surgery, one of the most common questions people ask me is, “How long will it take me to recover?” This question can be very different from the similar question, “How long will it take me to heal?” This difference occurs, because after any type of surgical procedure, our body is using its fuel …Read More

Breast Implant Safety with Dr. Bajaj

Safety is of the utmost importance when considering any type of surgery. If you’re considering breast implant surgery, you may begin your research by trying to gain an understanding of the risks and benefits of the procedure. During this stage, questions about the procedure and the potential safety of breast implants may arise. It’s OK …Read More

Let’s Talk About Lips

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, our team is focused on helping you attain kissable lips! In honor of the upcoming holiday, Dr. Bajaj wants to share some interesting facts about lips and how she approaches lip fillers for voluptuous lips. Why Do Lips Matter? While we do use our lips for kissing, they are …Read More

Why Are More Men Getting Plastic Surgery?

Men are making appointments at doctor’s offices all over the country to help fight the signs of aging. In fact, this is a growing trend across the U.S. that has continued to gain speed. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men alone in 2017. …Read More

Breaking Down the Cost of Plastic Surgery

The most frequent question many patients have when considering a plastic surgical procedure is, “how much does it cost?” On the surface, this question may seem easy to answer; however, so much more is involved than the actual price of the procedure when considering a cosmetic surgical procedure. Like most things, plastic surgery follows the …Read More

How to Practice Self-care During the Holidays

The busy time of the holidays can leave many feeling exhausted and emotional. With the added pressures of spending too much money, long-distance family coming into town, and all of the events you have scheduled to attend, it’s easy to not take care of yourself. If you don’t take the time to recharge your body …Read More

Winter Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

We all know that it’s important to take care of our skin, but did you know that taking care of your skin in the winter is just as important as it is in the summer to prevent sun spots and wrinkles? In honor of National Healthy Skin Month, we’re providing some important skincare tips from …Read More

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