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Many women today are concerned with improving the look of their breasts – whether it’s to restore youthful fullness or simply better fill out their bra – breast lift surgery is becoming a popular solution for loss of breast volume. Find out what the benefits to having a breast lift are… #1 Restoring Your Silhouette …Read More


For the past seven years, breast augmentation has dominated the charts as the number one cosmetic procedure since 2006 and has averaged around 300,000 patients each year. How does the procedure continue to be this popular each and every year? Reason #1 Breast Augmentation Satisfaction Ratings Are Through the Roof The American Society of Plastic …Read More


With all the negative stigma and rumors that are constantly floating around, patients are often discouraged or uneasy about pursuing cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation. Don’t let all the myths mislead you about the safety of a procedure you are considering. One of the most commonly targeted procedures is breast augmentation. News sources …Read More

Three Deceptive Tummy Tuck Myths

Despite being the top rated procedure for patient satisfaction, there are many people often swayed away from the tummy tuck because of certain things that they may think or may have heard. It is time to clear up some of those misconceptions. Here are the three top myths about tummy tucks that everyone needs to stop buying …Read More

TumTape: A Genius Tummy Tuck Alternative or an Over-Hyped Bandage?

We all have sat through ridiculous infomercials claiming to be the solution to hiding that extra flab around the tummy, however, a new creation by 45-year-old mother of four, Karen Macauley, has been getting a lot of attention from the media. Introducing the brand new TumTape. Now, I have to admit, when I was watching …Read More

Keeping the Flab Away After a Tummy Tuck

Now that you have gotten rid of the extra baggage in the belly, it is important to keep to a healthy and physical lifestyle to keep your tummy looking toned and tight. All the healthy eating and exercising that you were doing before while trying to get rid of the belly must continue even after …Read More

The Truth About Tummy Tucks

There’s a common misconception about the tummy tuck: that it’s an easy way out or a sign of weakness. The hard truth is that you can run a marathon every week and eat nothing but lean proteins and veggies, but if that extra skin left over after major weight-loss, pregnancy or a number of other …Read More

Circling Around the Topic of Areola Reduction

An outpatient surgery with a quick recovery time, areola reduction can boost appearance and self-confidence Some women feel that their areolas — the ring of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple of the breast — are too big, puffy or prominent. Areolas can be made larger because of genetics, weight gain, breast feeding and other factors. …Read More

Lending a Helping Hand for Breast Reconstruction

Inaugural BRA Day proceeds provide funding for breast reconstruction awareness, charitable care and research First launched in 2011 in Canada and on Oct. 17, 2012 in the US, Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day promotes education, awareness and access regarding post-mastectomy breast reconstruction through question and answer sessions, lectures, flash mobs, fundraising parties, advertising campaigns and …Read More

Got Sunscreen? Use It Every Day

New study from Australia finds that consistent, long-term use of sunscreen can help protect and keep skin youthful In terms of skin care, sunscreen might be the biggest bargain around. Not only has long-term use been shown to decrease the rate of skin cancer but a recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found …Read More

Angelina Jolie Chooses Teardrop Shaped Breast Implants

Actress, humanitarian and mother of six’s preventative mastectomy and reconstruction expands dialogue and raises awareness about women’s health Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy and subsequent breast reconstruction resulted in a firestorm of publicity. Not only did it create dialogue about what to do when testing positive for the defective BRCA 1gene as Jolie had, but …Read More

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