Meet The Staff

Lucinda Colorado

Patient Care Coordinator

Lucinda does it all, from scheduling appointments for patients to handling patients’ insurance benefits. After 15 years homeschooling her two beautiful daughters and 5 years operating the family restaurants, she brings with her years of experience in customer service and care and management skills. You can expect a smile in her voice as she strives to create a stress-free experience for patient’s insurance concerns. Lucinda enjoys hanging out and spending time with her daughters, visiting new places to explore around OKC with friends, and her monthly book club with some amazing ladies when she’s not working. Her favorite pastime is admiring the beautiful Oklahoma sunsets with family and friends.

Lucinda Colorado

Connie D. Franklin

Social Media Consultant

Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with social media isn’t always easy! Take it from local actress and model, Connie Franklin, who has appeared in tv commercials, social media ads, billboards and feature films over the years. She’s very familiar with the temptation to compare and criticize not only her body (weight, age, flaws!) but her work and level of success. To manage these insecurities, she has developed a self-coaching system that requires education and open-mindedness about the internet. In her own words, “Social media is a beast!” It requires time, energy, but most importantly a realistic “arms-length” approach paired with awareness. Consulting for her clients helps them focus on their day job rather than pouring precious energy into posts as well as giving them that much-needed space for a healthy relationship with their social media.

With an eye for composition and creativity, Connie brings her artistic side to her social media designs with cohesive branding that is customized for each client. For Dr. Anu Bajaj, this means showcasing her bright and colorful personality, love for fashion, women empowerment, fitness and laughter.
In our current market, people turn to social media to “vet” businesses and companies. Many patients are now using these pages as a vehicle for research to make their decision about where to go. A lack of social media presence is viewed as less legitimate. A social media page should not only keep current followers updated, but also appeal to prospective clients and help create the best match between doctor and patient!
connie franklin

Jamie Anderson RN

Office Nurse

Jamie Anderson

Danelle Burwell

Recovery Nurse

Danelle Burwell

Melissa Naderi

Front Desk Coordinator

Melissa Naderi

Linley Malone RN


Phyllis Johnson

Scrub Tech