What Is an ERAS Protocol?

What Does ERAS Stand For? ERAS stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. These protocols are designed to improve the patient’s experience before, during, and after surgery and have increasingly become more common in different surgical specialties during the past 10 years. The end goal is to perform surgery with a rapid recovery and low complication …Read More

Breast Implants and BIA-ALCL

This past week, breast implants were in the headlines: “Breast Implants—Recalled Worldwide.” The New York Times, as well as other news outlets, ran numerous articles about this event. The headlines were in response to Allergan’s recent recall of Biocell textured implants and tissue expanders. Allergan issued this recall based on concerns that textured implants are …Read More

When is the Best Time of Year to Have Plastic Surgery?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re booking your plastic surgery appointment. From finances to work schedules, to large events and seasonal holidays, there are plenty of factors to consider. We often get questions about when’s the best time to schedule a surgical procedure. Although there’s hardly ever the “perfect” time for anything in …Read More

Why I Chose to Purchase MiraDry for My Practice

  In June of 2018, Dr. Bajaj purchased the MiraDry system to add to her practice. As a new service, some staff members and Dr. Bajaj herself tried out MiraDry to help better discuss how it works and how it many affect patients. After offering this service for a year, Dr. Bajaj would like to …Read More

The Surgical Effect on Emotions: Are They Worth it?

Whether you expect it or not, it is normal to feel as if your emotions are out of control as you begin the surgical process. After the initial decision is made to have surgery, you may continue to experience many highs and lows during this process. Surgery will affect everyone differently. And you or your …Read More

How Do You Choose a Plastic Surgeon?

As I return home from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic meeting, I’m reflecting on something that I heard at the meeting — “The surgeon is key.” This statement was actually made in reference to Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) and why or how it occurs, but I think it is also an important statement …Read More

FDA Public Advisory Committee Meeting Covering Breast implants

  On March 25 and 26, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a Public Advisory Committee meeting to discuss the risks and benefits of breast implants used for breast augmentation and reconstruction. Breast implants have been studied extensively for decades, and this is the eighth advisory committee meeting on breast implants since …Read More

Everyone is Different: So is the Price for Plastic Surgery Procedures

Are you wanting to feel more confident, but just can’t lose those extra 10 pounds? Are you seeking out cosmetic surgery? Then you may want to know how much these procedures are going to cost you. Although that’s smart, there might be some frustration because there is no set price. Understanding the price of a …Read More

How to Gift a Cosmetic Procedure

Love is in the air and what better way to show that special someone how much you care for them than by helping them get the cosmetic procedure or treatment that’s been on their wish list? The new year brings new opportunities for partners to take adventures together, to make their relationships stronger, and to …Read More

Let’s Talk About Pain

With any surgery, you will experience some discomfort or pain. You have also likely read and heard a great deal about our current crisis with opioid (narcotic) use and the recent law passed in state of Oklahoma that limits the number of opioid pills a physician can prescribe to manage acute post-operative pain.   What …Read More

New Year, New You…Reflections on turning 50

New Year Resolutions As we begin the New Year, many of us will make New Year’s resolutions – lose 10 pounds, eat better, save more money, etc. Some, we will stick with, and others we won’t. We make these promises to ourselves because the beginning of the year conjures images of hope and starting anew, …Read More

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