July 30, 2013
Dr. Anu Bajaj, M.D.
Plastic Surgery

Keeping the Flab Away After a Tummy Tuck

Now that you have gotten rid of the extra baggage in the belly, it is important to keep to a healthy and physical lifestyle to keep your tummy looking toned and tight. All the healthy eating and exercising that you were doing before while trying to get rid of the belly must continue even after your tummy tuck if you want to maintain your new body.

Summer is a time of lying out by the pool and endless Bar-B-Qs while downing a glass of Coke or the occasional cocktail. Not exactly the healthiest of diets, but it’s summer, so we won’t ask you to change any of that too drastically. However, it is important to realize that the majority of keeping the fat off your abs happens in the kitchen, so when you’re deciding on whether to go for a second burger, maybe consider a few juicy slices of watermelon or a nice corn on the cob instead.

If you are looking to gain further definition with your new tummy, a good way to bring out the muscles is by burning the fat with cardio and following up with ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups to build the muscles. While we all enjoy sunbathing in this Oklahoma sun, don’t forget to fit in exercise every day. Swimming is always a fun and highly efficient way to burn off the calories, so take a break from sunbathing by the pool once in a while and hop in!

About Bajaj Plastic Surgery

Remember, tummy tucks are not designed for people who are merely looking for an easy solution to get rid of the pesky fat around the tummy. The procedure is designed for those who have tried everything and have maintained a healthy lifestyle but haven’t seen any significant results. If you are still struggling with the extra pooch and are tired of doing all the hard work while getting nowhere, contact our board-certified staff to find out about how a tummy tuck can help you finally get the toned abs that you want.