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Dr. Bajaj Speaks with Project3One Breast Cancer Survivors

The following is a talk that I gave at a luncheon honoring breast cancer survivors sponsored by Project3One – a local organization started by one of my patients to help women dealing with breast cancer. The mission of Project3One is to embrace, equip, and empower women as they deal with this diagnosis. When Sarah asked …Read More


For the past seven years, breast augmentation has dominated the charts as the number one cosmetic procedure since 2006 and has averaged around 300,000 patients each year. How does the procedure continue to be this popular each and every year? Reason #1 Breast Augmentation Satisfaction Ratings Are Through the Roof The American Society of Plastic …Read More

Breast Augmentation Increases Quality of Life, Study Shows

Improved satisfaction, well-being and sexual functioning. Breast Augmentation can provide a patient with a way to improve the way her figure looks. According to new research, that same procedure can help improve the way she feels about herself as well. A study released in the July issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Society …Read More

New Breast Implant Monitoring Technology a Possibility

Ultrasound System Might Save Time and Money New ultrasound technology could make monitoring implants easier Monitoring your breast implants can be costly and inconvenient, but that may all change with the advent of new monitoring procedures that could make the process far more efficient. The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, partially funded by the American Society for …Read More