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“Reverse Liposuction” May Improve Breast Augmentation Revision

Says new report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unwanted body fat has made liposuction one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around. The idea that someone might actually want to undergo a “reverse liposuction” may seem strange, but such a procedure may be a boon for patients who undergo breast augmentation – one of America’s …Read More

Unwanted Body Fat: Alternative to Breast Implants?

How Fat Transfer could provide a natural alternative to Silicone For all the women in the world who undergo breast augmentation to enhance their figure, there are more who aren’t happy with their bust who do not. After all, breast implants require invasive surgery, and that carries with it certain risks. But what if there …Read More

New Technique in Breast Reconstruction Yields Positive Outcomes

Surgeons test a combination technique of fat grafting and implant-based reconstruction A new study of breast reconstruction after radiation therapy has shown promising results. The technique combines implant based reconstruction with fat grafting. For women who have have undergone radiation therapy for breast cancer, the new technique may provide an alternative for breast reconstruction. “Fat …Read More