Skin Care

Got Sunscreen? Use It Every Day

New study from Australia finds that consistent, long-term use of sunscreen can help protect and keep skin youthful In terms of skin care, sunscreen might be the biggest bargain around. Not only has long-term use been shown to decrease the rate of skin cancer but a recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found …Read More

SkinMedica, Inc Acquired by Allergan

The company that brought you Botox is now in the aesthetic skin care products business. Allergan Inc, the company that ten years ago put Botox on the market (and has been enjoying it’s success) announced that they will be purchasing SkinMedica, Inc, and will acquire the company’s line of topical aesthetic skin care treatments for …Read More

Feed Your Skin with Skin-Friendly Foods

How things you eat can affect your skin It’s true what they say; “you are what you eat.” Whatgoes into your body is used to constitute everything, from hair, to teeth, and yes, even skin. To keep your skin at its best, here are a few foods and drinks that can help. Apricots Apricots are …Read More

4 Tips for Healthy Lips

A few things to make your lips look fuller and healthier Who wouldn’t want a fuller, healthier set of lips? A lot of women out there strive to keep their kissers as kissable as can be. To that end, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind if you want to perk up …Read More

Celebrity News – Miss Piggy Abused Botox

How not to follow in the felt diva’s footsteps In a recent appearance on Anderson Cooper’s talk show, famed Muppets starlet Miss Piggy spoke with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about her crippling Botox addiction. “I’m 99% Botox,” Miss Piggy revealed to a stunned audience, “but that may be underestimating it.” Miss Piggy went on to disclose …Read More