June 17, 2019

Why I Chose to Purchase MiraDry for My Practice


In June of 2018, Dr. Bajaj purchased the MiraDry system to add to her practice. As a new service, some staff members and Dr. Bajaj herself tried out MiraDry to help better discuss how it works and how it many affect patients.

After offering this service for a year, Dr. Bajaj would like to share her thoughts and experience with MiraDry and how she is now sweat and odor free.

Why I Decided to Get MiraDry for Myself

Like everyone, I’ve always had underarm sweat – I mean who doesn’t? It got a little better for me when I had laser hair removal for my armpits, but still, my white shirts and silk blouses would have yellow stains or worse – the smell would never leave them.

Nervous sweat is also something I wanted to get under control, especially during formal presentations. I could always feel that clamminess developing in my armpits and then I would become self-conscious. It becomes difficult to exude confidence when you’re worried about your body odor or the sweat under your arms.

Lastly, I am a long-distance runner, and I have had to deal with irritation from underarm sweat and even chaffing during my runs. I am convinced that the underarm chafe is exacerbated with sweat!

The Armpit Test

I wanted to truly see the difference MiraDry made with my underarm sweat. So, I initially only did one armpit and I could really see a difference between the two. Here’s a photo below comparing the two after a long sweaty hike in Aspen.

bajaj social post

I couldn’t wait to get my second armpit treated when I noticed the difference. I even had a second treatment done in my right armpit after I noticed a small amount of sweat after my extreme workouts. However, most people only need one treatment while about 10% will require a second treatment.

Why MiraDry Fits in With My Practice

After putting MiraDry to the test and experiencing such positive results, I believed that MiraDry would be a good addition to my practice. Why? Because it fits in with my philosophy of improving your quality of life, taking care of yourself, and living a health and active lifestyle.

A lot of people have asked, “Don’t you need to sweat?” My answer is always yes. Sweating is a natural part of our bodies’ ability to cool ourselves. However, the number of sweat glands in our armpits is just a small percentage of the overall number of sweat glands in our bodies. Since my treatment, I’ve worked out, run in the heat and humidity of Oklahoma summers, and sweat – just not in my armpits.

How MiraDry Works

MiraDry is a noninvasive treatment that uses energy to destroy the sweat and odor glands in the armpit, providing a lasting reduction in underarm sweat and reduces hair growth.

While other treatments, like Botox, are temporary, MiraDry permanently destroys the odor and sweat-producing glands – they’re gone forever!

Prior to the treatment, you just need to shave your armpits about 3-5 days before the treatment and wear loose clothing to your appointment. The treatment takes about an hour to an hour and a half and you can resume all normal activities the next day.

When I had my treatment, it was towards the end of the day and was able to head home to be comfortable. After the local anesthetic wore off, I had some burning discomfort to my armpits. I made sure to ice regularly for the first evening and took ibuprofen for the discomfort.

But by the next day, I was able to resume all normal activities, including running. The decrease in sweat and odor is noticeable immediately; it does take about two-six weeks for all the swelling to go away.

If you are interested in learning more about MiraDry, please contact our office or send us and email!