Injectable Fillers


Counteract the loss of facial volume, resulting in folds, lines and wrinkles with injectable fillers. At Bajaj Plastic Surgery, we offer many different types to help you reach your goals while assuring a natural appearance.


What Are Injectable Fillers?

What Are Injectable FillersInjectable fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that occurs naturally in your body. Acting as a hydrator, cell protector and cushioning agent, hyaluronic acid gives your skin youthful volume.

Fillers are different than botulinum neurotoxin (BOTOX ®). Instead of acting on the facial muscles, a filler augments the tissue and restores lost volume.



The treatment site is cleansed, and filler is carefully injected into the wrinkle or depression. Prior to injection, topical anesthetic may also be used. The area is then massaged to ensure smooth placement of the filler.

Recovery and results

After treatment, you may have some swelling, tenderness or redness, which will subside in a short time. The duration of results will vary depending on the product and the areas that are treated. Fillers typically last six months to 1-2 years, as the body naturally breaks down the substance and clears it away. If desired, you can undergo touch up treatments to maintain results.


Injectable Filler Consultation

Dr. Bajaj will meet with you to discuss your desired results and determine which filler treatment is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about your options for injectable filler treatments. Call 405‐810‐8448, or subscribe to our email list to receive updates on specials and events.