Mommy Makeover


Some women may consider plastic surgery because they wish to feel more comfortable in a swimsuit. Others may choose to do it because they want their clothes to fit again. No matter the reason, mommy makeovers have become a very popular topic among mothers, and for good reason.

Returning to your pre-baby body

post-pregnancy bodyBeing a mother is a beautiful experience, but pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the body. These changes primarily affect the silhouette of the abdomen and breasts.

A mommy makeover with post-pregnancy body contouring specialist Dr. Anureet Bajaj will give you back your youthful, pre-childbirth body, making that long-awaited desire a reality and getting you poolside ready.


What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is not a single surgery, but the name dubbed for a combination of body and breast procedures designed to help mothers regain the contour they enjoyed prior to having children. We know not all mothers are the same, so no two mommy makeovers are alike. Mommy makeovers are tailored to meet each mother’s individual aesthetic wants and wishes. Patients have the option to choose from a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, breast augmentation, and/or breast reduction, and each procedure is customized to address that mother’s specific case. And even though the aforementioned are the ‘standard’ mommy makeover procedures, you are welcome to add facial treatments or procedures as well for an overall makeover.


Why Mothers Seek Makeovers?

When a woman is pregnant, many changes occur to our bodies. The abdomen stretches to allow the baby to grow, and the breasts become larger as they become engorged with milk. Once the baby is born, hormonal changes will occur again and the skin will contract to varying degrees to return to the pre-pregnancy contour. Some women may be left with excess lax skin on the stomach, stretched abdominal muscles that exercise cannot tighten, and deflated, sagging breasts from breastfeeding. These are the exact aesthetic concerns that a mommy makeover is designed to battle when diet and exercise do not produce the desired results. And we know that time is precious, so with fantastic advances in cosmetic technology and surgical procedures, moms can get back to caring for and chasing after their children in no time!


Ideal Candidates for A Mommy Makeover

It is never too soon to think about it, but mothers seeking a mommy makeover should be done having children, finished breastfeeding, and wait for their breasts to go back to their natural shape and size before scheduling a mommy makeover consultation – usually about 6 months after they have stopped breast feeding. These moms should be close to their ideal weight for optimal results since these treatments aim to improve definition and figure, not weight loss. Patients considering a mommy makeover must also take into consideration the time they must take off from work and caring for the kids to fully recover. It is important to have a family member or friend help look after the children and house during this time.

It is also important that patients have realistic expectations of what these procedures can accomplish. A mommy makeover is not a weight loss solution, but rather body sculpting. You may lose a little bit of weight inadvertently, but that is not the goal of a mommy makeover. These procedures are meant to enhance your figure and restore your body to its pre-childbirth and breastfeeding state.


Procedures for a Mommy Makeover

There are several breast and body procedures that fall in the mommy makeover category. Dr. Bajaj will gladly work with you during your private consultation to decide which procedures will provide a good outcome for your specific case.


Tummy Tuck Procedure

After pregnancies, the abdominal muscles can stretch to a point where it is sometimes impossible to repair by diet and exercise alone. And in most cases, the skin on your stomach never seems to fully contract to its pre-pregnancy elasticity. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that tightens the weakened abdominal muscles and removes lax skin that results after childbirth. This procedure can additionally remove small localized fat deposits and stretch marked located in the lower abdomen region. A tummy tuck alone will not remove large amounts of fat deposits, so it is often paired with liposuction. Tummy tucks are designed to slim and define your midsection, raising your confidence to maybe throw on that form-fitting dress hanging in the back of the closet.


Liposuction Procedure

While fat plays an important role in our body, we do not need to live with a surplus amount. And despite the hours spent at the gym, or chasing after your toddler, these stubborn localized fat deposits never seem to diminish. Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that removes unresponsive fat deposits via suction from almost anywhere in the body. Popular liposuction areas that are prone to storing excess fat include:

  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Arms

Liposuction works best on those who are close to their ideal weight; it is not meant to replace exercise and proper diet.


Breast Lift

After breastfeeding, your breasts may have fallen to a very low elevation on your chest. Breast lift is specially designed to lift drooping breasts to create a youthful-positioned bust. This procedure does not address decreased breast volume, so it is often paired with breast augmentation for a lifted, full bust.


Breast Augmentation

The breasts become curvaceous and full when mothers become pregnant, but generally return to their normal size, if not smaller, once the infant no longer breastfeeds. Many mothers seeking a mommy makeover wish to get back their augmented bust long-term, in which case breast augmentation is a great solution. A breast augmentation procedure surgically places implants into the breasts to increase their size. Breast augmentation is an extremely customizable surgery as you have many options to choose from in regard to the implant itself. Dr. Bajaj will gladly review these options with you during your private consultation.


Breast Reduction

Considering all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction patients are some of the most satisfied with their end results. Breast reduction surgery excises breast tissue and skin to create smaller, more proportionate breasts. A breast reduction can alleviate both physical and emotional strain by reducing tension in the neck and shoulders, as well as ceasing unwanted stares. Most women claim their chronic pain dissipated after they got the surgery, improving quality of life for both mother and child.


Recovery Process After A Mommy Makeover

Specific recovery protocol is dependent on your individual case. Once your mommy makeover is complete, any breast procedures will require dressings and a support bra to help your new bust size and shape comfortably form to its new contour. In some cases, drains are placed for excess fluids. Abdominal procedures require dressings and a compression garment wrapped around the treatment area, and drains are generally used as well. Most procedures are performed as an outpatient. Recovery time varies depending on your anatomy, the surgeries you underwent, and the extent of each procedure.

Mothers can generally expect to be out of work for 1-2 weeks, depending on the individual case. Please make sure you have someone to help at home to watch after your kid(s), and also help you with your mommy makeover recovery protocol (cleaning drains, etc.) Swelling will take several weeks to subside, but some results can be seen immediately. Make sure to exercise regularly and eat a proper diet for lasting results. Becoming pregnant after your mommy makeover may alter your results.


Average Cost for a Mommy Makeover

The cost of your mommy makeover will depend on the breast and body procedures you choose to undergo. Price will change with the addition of ancillary procedures or treatments. Dr. Bajaj will gladly provide you with an estimate during your initial consultation. We, at Bajaj Plastic Surgery, look forward to helping you begin your journey to reverse the clock and regain that youthful figure.


Contact Us To Set Up Your Consultation

mommy makeover consultationAt your initial consultation with mommy makeover specialist Dr. Anu Bajaj, you will share the cosmetic concerns you have with your altered breast and abdomen contour. She will examine your areas of concern, and offer her recommendations. Both you and she will then come up with a custom surgery plan that will meet your specific goals. Please share your past surgeries, routine medications, and medical history as this can affect your surgery plan. You will be able to view before and after photos of mothers who underwent a similar surgery so you can see potential results, but please remember results will vary among each patient. Questions are highly encouraged; we know this is not an easy decision to make, so Dr. Bajaj wants to make sure you are comfortable with the entire process.