Breast Reconstruction using Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is a technique used in procedures like breast reconstruction, scalp repair and general reconstructive surgery. If you lack sufficient tissue for a reconstructive procedure, Dr. Bajaj may recommend tissue expansion surgery.


What you need to know about tissue expansion

By expanding the tissue, OKC plastic surgeon Dr. Bajaj can stretch existing skin; new skin is not created. Patients should be healthy non-smokers, who understand the risks and benefits involved with plastic surgery.



Tissue expansion is frequently performed in stages. During the initial tissue expansion procedure, Dr. Bajaj places a tissue expander beneath the skin, which is fitted with an external valve. Over the course of several weeks, the tissue expander is then filled in the office a few weeks after the initial procedure. By gradually filling the expander with saline, the overlying skin stretches, allowing Dr. Bajaj to place an implant at a later date. After tissue, patients should expect some discomfort and tightening of the skin for several hours.


Recovery for Tissue Expansion

Placement of a tissue expander is typically an outpatient procedure. Most individuals can return to work in 2 weeks, once all the drains are removed. During the weeks that follow, you will return to our Oklahoma City office where Dr. Bajaj or her staff will fill the expander with saline until the skin is adequately expanded. After this, you will be able to move forward in the reconstructive process.


Learn More

To learn more about tissue expansion techniques in Oklahoma City, please contact the office of Dr. Bajaj by calling 405‐810‐8448 to inquire about a consultation.