Plastic Surgery for Men

Today, men of all ages are requesting plastic surgery. From gynecomastia to tummy tucks to male blepharoplasty, we give men the opportunity to enhance their physique without appearing to have had obvious plastic surgery.


Men who have developed excess breast tissue, clinically know as gynecomastia, can call on plastic surgeon Dr. Anureet Bajaj for male breast reduction surgery.

Male Blepharoplasty

Male eyelid surgery differs from eyelid surgery for women. The goal of male eyelid surgery is to create a natural-looking, masculine appearance and not overly excise the skin which can feminize the eyes. Dr. Anureet Bajaj specializes in this male-specific procedure, giving men the opportunity to enhance their eyes without appearing to have had surgery.

Male Tummy Tuck

While many may first associate a tummy tuck with women, men can also benefit from a tummy tuck. More men are receiving tummy tucks to help them attain the physique they desire. While the procedure is slightly different for men, it is not a gender-specific procedure.