Our Non-Surgical Procedures

Improve skin texture and enhance your natural features through minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures providing transformative results with little to no downtime. Our advanced services can smooth and reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines, improve the appearance of cellulite, even skin tone and much more.

At Bajaj Plastic Surgery, we offer a number of procedures that don’t require you to go under the knife. These procedures can help you find new confidence in your appearance, all without the trouble of surgery. Be it your face, or another part of your body, Bajaj Plastic Surgery has been helping the people of Oklahoma City through minimally invasive procedures for over five decades. Our expertise goes beyond the procedure as we take great care to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Take a look at our minimally invasive, cosmetic procedures we have available at our office. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us and let us know.



AcuPulse CO2

Is smoother, clearer, beautiful skin on your wishlist? Renew your skin and erase surface-level blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles with AcuPulse CO2.

BOTOX® Injections to Reduce Wrinkles

Diminish the look of frown lines (glabellar wrinkles) with Botox® Cosmetic. The widely used injectable can treat crow’s feet, forehead creases and other facial creases.

Chemical Peels by Bajaj Plastic Surgery

Chemical peels improve skin texture and complexion. Blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin concerns are improved by a solution that reveals the brighter layer hiding behind outermost dull, damage skin.

FemTouch™ Laser Treatment for Women’s Health

Don’t endure the pain of vaginal dryness and the stress of urinary incontinence. FemTouch vaginal treatments quickly and efficiently improve vaginal moisture, tightness, and texture.

Injectable Fillers

One component of facial aging is loss of volume in your face. Restore a smooth, youthful look to your skin with injectable hyaluronic acid fillers. The fillers work to restore volume to your skin and create a long-lasting reduction of wrinkles and folds.


With age, cheeks begin to lose natural volume and lines form around the mouth and nose. JUVEDERM’s line of hyaluronic acid facial fillers restores volume and a youthful look to skin.

KYBELLA® Treatment for Double Chins

Reshape your jawline and define your chin with KYBELLA®. The FDA approved fat-reduction injection is designed to safely counter fat deposits under the chin.

Lip Augmentation

Perfect your pout and restore fullness and shape to your lips. Lip fillers are a non-surgical option offered by Dr. Bajaj. The procedure is ideal for patients with naturally thin lips or who want to restore fullness lost with age.

Miradry: Sweat, Odor, Hair Treatment

Excessive sweat can cause embarrassing stains and make social activities uncomfortable. MiraDry® offers a life-changing solution for excessive sweating by treating overactive sweat glands, permanently reducing sweat and odor.

What Is Restylane

Soften facial folds and wrinkles with dermal filler Restylane®. Because it restores natural volume, it’s an ideal option for reshaping and creating symmetry in your lips.

ZO Products for All Your Skin Health Needs

Comprehensive facial rejuvenation is a complex process involves all the components of facial aging which includes a decline in skin elasticity, fat atrophy or volume loss of the entire face, and the sagging and excess skin that we associate with aging. Both surgical and non-surgical procedures can certainly give you a younger look, proper skin …Read More