Surgical Procedures at Bajaj Plastic Surgery

Whether you are coming to us for reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, we are going to be real with you – from setting expectations, knowing the steps we’re going to take, to envisioning the end result. Know that the skill and credentials of a nationally recognized surgeon are on your side. Moreover, Dr. Bajaj stands for ethical and principled plastic surgery. What does that mean for you? We create outcomes that enhance your natural beauty and arm you with confidence for years to come.

We understand that surgery can be anxiety-provoking for many, but you can rest with peace with Dr. Bajaj. Dr. Bajaj is a highly respected plastic surgeon who is widely recognized for her breast surgery and reconstruction skills. She is also highly skilled in our other surgical options available to you, and will only recommend what is necessary for you. If you have any questions about our procedures, please contact us and let us know.



Body Sculpting

Weight loss, pregnancy and aging bring changes to your body. Our suite of body-slimming and fat-reducing procedures can restore a proportional body shape. Many of these procedures can be combined for comprehensive body-contouring treatments.

Breast Surgery

From breast augmentation or reduction, breast lifts and implant removal to complex reconstructive procedures such as DIEP flap, we offer a full spectrum of breast surgery. View our gallery to see real breast surgery results.

Facial Surgery

We offer a full scope of facial procedures, including face lift surgery, brow lift, and blepharoplasty. These proven surgical procedures can enhance your appearance by rejuvenating or shaping certain features like the chin, jaw, lips or nose.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Today, men of all ages are requesting plastic surgery. From gynecomastia to tummy tucks to male blepharoplasty, we give men the opportunity to enhance their physique without appearing to have had obvious plastic surgery.

Preparing For Surgery

Surgery of any sorts can be stressful and overwhelming for people whether it’s their first time or going in for their tenth procedure. There’s anxiety, certain precautions, and multiple medical forms that need to be completed and submitted before the procedure takes place. At Bajaj Plastic Surgery, we’re here to alleviate you from any concerns …Read More